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Photo  Restoration Photo
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Photo  Restoration Sample

Fixing Photos specializes in affordable digital photo restoration, photo repair, photo enhancement and special image effects.

Photo Repair Sample
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Photo Corrections, Photographs Repaired,
Digital Photos Restored, Special Effects
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Photo  Restoration Sample Image

Client Praise!

I contacted 2 other sites that responded they couldn't fix the photo. So THANK YOU so much!!! I will be sure to use you again if I ever need to.

I received the prints just now. I am speechless. I don't know what to say! Auntie is beautiful With sincere thanks,

Photo Booth Repairs
photo booth repair sample

Fixing Photos offers photo booth strip restoration. We can fix your favorite photo booth photos: repair water damage, sun damage, underexposure, overexposure, discoloration. We provide lighting and contrast corrections, sharpening, color restoration and adjustment and enhancement.

We also provide special effects: object removal, photo merging, sepia effects, black and white effect. Background alterations.


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Custom Photo Booth Strips

We can design your own custom made photo strip. Send us the 4 photos you would like inserted onto the photo booth strip and we will design it for you.

The Custom Made Photo Booth Stripcustom made photo booth photo strips
The 4 Photos


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