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Photo  Restoration Photo
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Photo  Restoration Sample

Fixing Photos specializes in affordable digital photo restoration, photo repair, photo enhancement and special image effects.

Photo Repair Sample
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Photo Corrections, Photographs Repaired,
Digital Photos Restored, Special Effects
Photo Repairs At Affordable Prices!

Photo  Restoration Sample Image

Client Praise!

I contacted 2 other sites that responded they couldn't fix the photo. So THANK YOU so much!!! I will be sure to use you again if I ever need to.

I received the prints just now. I am speechless. I don't know what to say! Auntie is beautiful With sincere thanks,

About Our Repair Service

Established in 2003, Fixing Photos specializes in affordable digital photo restoration, photo repair, photo enhancement and special photo effects. Using state-of-the-art image repair and enhancement programs, old and/or damaged photographs can easily be restored to, or near, their original condition. Photo Repair & Photo Restoration Visit For More Information

Our restoration technicians are highly experienced and well trained, with backgrounds in web design, graphic design, and photography:

  1. Skilled in many photographic repair techniques: image tone and contrast tweaking, exposure correction, and color restoration.
  2. Well trained in the use of high-tech image/photo programs: such as PhotoShop 7, Photo Impact 7. Such programs, if used correctly, can work wonders on worn out photos, and create spectacular image effects.
  3. All our technicians our customer friendly. Eager to please and correct whatever problem our clients may confront. If our client is happy, we are happy. All your questions will be answered in a timely and courteous manner.
  4. Our restoration prices are reasonable. Go ahead and shop around.

Photo Repair & Photo Restoration Visit For More InformationFixing Photos, providing professional, international and national, photo repair and photo special effects services, is maintained and updated by professional webmaster and experienced web page designer/programmer, Arturo Hernandez, co-owner of Fixing Photos. Jimmy Hernandez, co-owner and special effects wizard, and a highly experienced digital photographer, helps with the site's maintenance and photographic services.

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